More Problems for Prince Andrew
More Problems for Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew has been urged to challenge his legal settlement with a woman with whom he is accused of having sex when she was a teenager.

Alan Dershowitz, an American lawyer who himself was previously accused by Virginia Giuffre of sexual abuse, told the Guardian that the Duke of York should attempt to revisit an out-of-court settlement he agreed with Giuffre a year ago.

In November, Giuffre dropped a lawsuit relating to a sexual assault claim against Dershowitz, which he always denied, conceding she “may have made a mistake in identifying” him. That appears to have given fresh hope to supporters of Andrew, who has also always denied Giuffre’s allegations against him.

It comes amid signs of a gathering campaign to rehabilitate Prince Andrew, which is likely to create a headache for his older brother, King Charles, as he prepares for his coronation on 6 May. Andrew paid millions of dollars to settle Giuffre’s claim that she was trafficked to have sex with him on three occasions when she was 17. The settlement did not include any admission of guilt.

This weekend, a staged photo was published purporting to undermine Giuffre’s claims of Prince Andrew’s sexual activity with her.

The image of a bath in a London townhouse was released by Ian Maxwell, the brother of Ghislaine Maxwell, a former friend of Andrew, who is in jail for sex trafficking offences. It shows two people sitting in the bath of Ghislaine Maxwell’s former flat wearing masks of the duke and Giuffre in an attempt to prove “conclusively that the bath is too small for any sort of sex frolicking” of the sort Giuffre had suggested happened in an unpublished memoir.

The gambit comes days after Ghislaine Maxwell claimed in an interview from prison that a photo showing Andrew with his arm around Giuffre’s waist was faked.

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