Is Meghan Markle Hiding? Usually She Is Always Byy Harry's Side
Is Meghan Markle Hiding? Usually She Is Always Byy Harry's Side

One thing really struck me about Prince Harry’s media blitz last week. Not so much the careless inaccuracies in his various accounts of events, from the death of the Queen Mother to recollections of his first date with Meghan. Nor even his petulance (bordering on naked aggression) towards the few hand-picked journalists enlisted to help sell his narrative whenever any of them dared ask him anything even vaguely approximating a searching question.

No, the real question in my mind is this: where was Meghan?

I don’t mean in terms of the book – after all, her fingerprints are all over that. I mean physically, where is she?

We haven’t seen hide nor hair of her for days. Which, really, is most uncharacteristic.

Normally she never leaves Harry’s side. Normally she’s practically surgically grafted on to him, hanging off him like an extra appendage.

Wherever he goes, she goes, him scowling darkly at anyone who ventures within ten feet of them, she with that fixed smile of hers firmly in place.

It’s most unlike Meghan to miss an opportunity to show the world her fabulousness. And after all, what better opportunity than this, the publication of her beloved husband’s long-awaited tell-all memoir, all eyes upon him?

You’d have thought she would have been front and centre of events, with her couture outfits and twinkling jewels, on hand to squeeze his as he sat through various interviews. That she’d be keen to catch his eye, reassure him with an encouraging glance, place a guiding hand upon his back, as she so often has in the past – in short, to stand firmly by her man as he weathered the inevitable storm of criticism.

After all, he sat staunchly by her as she told the world her ‘truth’, whether it was recreating her first ever curtsy to the Queen or holding back the tears at the memory of yet another Royal-related trauma.

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