The scandalous Maltese Company Brobet owner of mark Efbet is involved in illegal arrangement of football matches in Bulgaria and abroad


 As we have already repeatedly written Stefan Naydenov – Tsekata and his sons Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenovs are combinative and dangerous people. The three of them are mixed up in a lot of unsparing affairs but they simultaneously try vigilantly to hide their dirty underwear, a part of which stinks in their Company Efbet.

Yesterday the media reminded us the case with the murder of Yordan Petrov Dinov. Yordan Tetrov Dinov was ostentatiously shot in Kiril I Metodiy Street in Sofia on 04.04.2012. A case for operational development was promptly initiated for the event in the Murders Department in the Metropolitan Directorate of the Interior. A talk was overheard exactly at that time in the Specialized Directorate Operative Technical Operations between “Tsekata” and an official of the Ministry of Interior on the topic of tax evasion. It became clear for the officials in the Ministry of Interior from the same talk between the dismissed for corruption from the services former anti-mafiot Mario Kosturkov and Stefan Naydenov that perhaps Tsekata has quite direct attitude with regard to the “order” of the murder of Yordan Dinov.  An investigation was initiated, which, according to one of the participants in it almost got to the solution of the case and to accusation of the Tsekas. 

”Almost“, because no accusation was ever reached. The case was forgotten and the suspect were left free. Why, a naïve person would ask. Namely because as we have already said in the beginning the “Tsekas” are dangerous and combinative people. 

Although the three of them are proverbially stingy, they still spend money, especially when the matter is about their security.  

Tsvetomir, for instance, perhaps from personal complexes as well, likes to wander around Sofia in several cars and whole 10 bodyguards. He is the only person who knows what he keeps away from. His brother Boyan moves around in the same manner and only their father Stefan is more moderate but perhaps the former informer of the 6th Administration of the State Security is already very old and almost never leaves his home. 

But except for their personal security the three of them also take care of another type of such. Taught by their father Stefan, Boyan and Tsvetomir have their own well corrupted agents in almost all the state law enforcement services. They boast before their close friends and relatives that Efbet has its “spies” in the State Agency for National Security, the Prosecutor’s Office, the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime, the Court and everywhere else.

An official of the National Service Combating Organized Crime – the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime Mario Kosturkov is a perfect example for that, who became proverbial by his connection with the Tsekas. It is a public secret that Kosturkov regularly receives an additional salary from Efbet and is at the disposal of the Tsekas for everything which his benefactors request from him.  

Let us remind that Mario Kosturkov further to being a former antimafiot has from recently also been a former boss of the Department of the Bulgarian Football Union Combating Arranged Matches. His name became popular years ago when he was still working in the National Service Combating Organized Crime. Then he investigated the so-called “Kazan Affair”, аnd the former owner of Levski Todor Batkov even accused him of mala fide attitude. The fact that namely a lawyer publicly accused Kosturkov is hardly accidental, though nothing came out of this. 

People acquainted with the matter state that namely the “officer of respectability” of ´the Bulgarian Football Union Kosturkov is the person, whom all the arranged matches pass through, and the latter is one of the most zealous defenders of Stefan, Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenovs and their Company Efbet. It goes without saying that the latter every month show their gratitude to Kosturkov with large envelopes so that he could support his over whom he has had a “secret” affair for 10 years event at the time when the girl was under age. The same is punishable by law but it is solely an insignificant detail for the police officer Kosturkov.  

In the services and in particular in the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime “the Tsekas’ man” is extremely unloved by his colleagues and he is even subject to contempt amongst the hundreds of honest antimafiots. Everyone, however, perfectly well knows that Kosturkov’s back is well kept by the owners of Efbet, a fact which makes the former “officer of respectability” of the Bulgarian Football Union do his own things as a village mayor in the square. 


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