The Prosecutor’s Office Has Made Exclusive Revelations About a Terrifying Mafia Group that Threatens Magistrates


Mafia is in symbiosis with crime authorities, convicted persons and persons, investigated and wanted by Interpol as well as notorious people and organisations who fight together against state institutions and the country in general

‘As an Attorney General I will not allow not only to affect the people interest and security but also the ones of magistrates and court officials by organized crimes, the mentioned ones to be threatened and to be pressured, this including ladies and mothers. ’ This was stated by the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev during a briefing of the leadership of the prosecutor’s office in connection with an investigation into a criminal group convicted of numerous crimes.

“Soon you will see how the mafia, the symbiosis between criminal authorities, convicted persons and those wanted by Interpol, as well as persons and organizations known to the public, together fight against the institutions and against the state, contrary to the interest of the people. This is not what I am saying , and the evidence in the case”, emphasized Geshev.

Earlier today it became clear that during the investigative actions carried out in the properties of accused persons, a list of names of magistrates – investigators, prosecutors and judges, subject to threats was discovered.

The administrative head of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office, Iliyana Kirilova, stated that the leadership of the SGP will provide full assistance to colleagues who carry out procedural and investigative actions in all cases and feel that their health and lives are being threatened.

“At the moment, absolutely no investigator or prosecutor has been influenced in the SGP,” she stressed.

The pre-trial proceedings were initiated on September 14, 2022 after receiving a secret report from the security services. It was formed for an organized criminal group, created for the purpose of obtaining income from criminal activity – money laundering and tax crimes.

Two people have been charged. On one person – T.I., for extortion, for possession of narcotic substances with the purpose of distribution. It has a “Subscription” remand. He has left the country and a decision is pending on the declaration of him as a nationwide wanted person.

The second person – D.G., is accused of possession of narcotic substances with the purpose of distribution. He is remanded in custody. The man was convicted of hooliganism, inflicting medium bodily harm, participation in organized crime and attempted fraud, it became clear at the briefing.

“On March 7, investigative actions were carried out. Plastic containers containing a white substance – reactive to cocaine, as well as a white sheet with the printed title “Pests for dismissal” were found and seized in a residence, said the spokesperson of the chief prosecutor Siika Mileva.

This list contained names of prosecutors from the former specialized structures, which have already been closed.

During a search of the residence of the other accused with the initials D.G. narcotic substances and 50 and 100 euro banknotes were also found and seized. Found and seized a black plastic bag containing a white sheet with text in English, one with text in Bulgarian, as well as 2 flash drives.

“We have unlimited funding from Tsetso against Geshev. Kuro is also on hand. Tony Parfuma is also looking for people. Then we will give it to our people from the States. We are looking for people to shout against Casketa,” the other letter, which was in Bulgarian, said .

During the actions carried out in the investigation with the participation of one of the defendants, threats were made to the life and health of a magistrate who recused himself.

During the prosecution’s presentation, 15 audio recordings of conversations between five people were also presented. On them, the person called Krasimir Kamenov – Kuro talks with the accused, as well as with a person who is known to be a journalist, touching on the names of Kiril Petkov, Asen Vassilev, “We continue the change”, “Democratic Bulgaria”, the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev and others.

From the recordings, expressions such as: “Now we will see if Geshev will throw the ball…”, “Lyubomir Georgiev will surely go to the elections…”, “Mitko BIRD”, “I give you Dilyan”, “Toya Borislav from GDNP…”, “Ceco called me yesterday from Belgrade…”.

“Perhaps you see what you media call a conquered state. I have many questions. The first one is about some millions and VTB, an associate in KTB and how does this correspond to the payment of lobbyists? Here is the question that DANS must answer and I hope to answer if this is the case what action will they take?

It is clearly an organized attack by oligarchs, the mafia and who else, against the interests and security of Bulgarian citizens. I hope DANS will give the relevant answers. I am sure that Minister Demerdzhiev and the Ministry of the Interior will carry out the appropriate checks to determine how it corresponds with the collected data?

I also heard another small name, for me it is indisputable who is Borislav from the “Economic Police”. These questions are also before the official government, before any government and before the National Assembly, what will they do to protect the legality? 400,000 for the removal of a senior police officer.

Theoretically, I ask – what would a law to close the specialized structures cost? Mr. Zarkov should answer whether some laws that are unconstitutional were written somewhere else and whether theсe laws were not submitted in the back seat of a jeep before the National Assembly?

Such questions arise… How will the state protect its citizens after policemen and magistrates are attacked?

For my part, I can say that in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and all structures that care about the interests of the people, colleagues will do their job of who pays whom and how much. I want to ask – is this a secret to anyone that you heard? We have been talking about it for 3 years. Do we want to live in such a country?”, summarized the general prosecutor after the presented data.

“What is the common interest that connects these individuals? This is very interesting to me… This same person called Kuro was reported to have arranged the assassination of a well-known media publisher in 2019. It is inexplicable what connects them. .. it is clear from the conversations that they are on quite friendly terms. This is a mystery that we all have to answer,” Deputy Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov said.

In response to a journalist’s question, the spokeswoman of the chief prosecutor clarified that the financial resources for the removal of Ivan Geshev were unlimited. He was provided by wanted persons from abroad.

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