Said-to-be a Constitutional Judge Atanaska Disheva and Her Husband Are Selling Their Properties in a Hurry


Large plots in Radomir and an expensive apartment in Varna have been announced for sale by Dishevi family – notorious for their connection to oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his political subject “Yes Bulgaria”.

SJC judge Atanaska Disheva, who declared herself with no properties and belongings in 2018, and is actually a real-estate queen, a quick data check shows. Despite the existence of literally golden real estates, which will be discussed shortly, an investigation by colleagues from the newspaper Trud in 2018 showed that she used as a “needy” 200 square meters of housing in the elite metropolitan district “East” for 200 levs rent at a market price ten times more. And with a state salary equal to that of the Speaker of Parliament.

A year before Atanaska Disheva’s candidacy was launched as a member of the Constitutional Court and shortly before her mentor Lozan Panov declared herself a presidential candidate, on July 28, 2021, she and her husband, successful businessman and lawyer Genadiy Dishev, were surprisingly quick to get rid of several otherwise golden agricultural plots in Radomir area. Plots that every grain boss would envy. One has an area of ​​5,699 square meters, the second – 3,515 square meters, the third is 9,023 square meters, and the largest covers an impressive 20,798 square meters. How and when the family acquired them is not clear from the information on their accounts, but it can be logically assumed that Mr. and Mrs. Dishevi collar benefited from the deal with the tenants of “Progress Partners”. We can only guess why they needed cash in the midst of the turbulent political summer of 2021.

Two years earlier Atanaska and Genadiy Dishevi sold a luxurious penthouse in the heart of Varna city. Buyer was German citizen Tomas Autzen, well known in Bulgaria sea capital. Even after the lucrative sale, the right-hand man of Lozan Panov and the main judicial lobbyist of Ivo Prokopiev, voted constitutional judge, will not stay on the street, because together with her husband they own another Varna property of 112 sq.m. in the top center of the city.

Is it moral in the presence of such sweet and ungodly expensive real estate Disheva to present herself as in dire need and to use at no cost a state property of 200 square meters in the diplomatic blocks of the bar East is left to the discretion of readers? The question is about the way Judge Disheva will measure the moral cases in the Constitutional Court after she did not have enough civil valor for her personal affairs. That is what her colleagues in the magistrates’ circles ask.


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