“Prodalzhavame Promyanata” Restores the National Ideal for Democracy, for Rule of Law and for Welfare Country

Transparent management, judicial independence, privately held companies and social justice – these are the key priorities of both prime minister Kiril Petkov and vice prime minister Assen Vassilev. Who founded the newest and most progressive political party on 15th of April in the city of Plovdiv. “There is no one else to help Bulgaria but us. If we do not fix the country, there will be nothing left for the future generations”. The vice prime minister and finance minister Assen Vassilev said that during his speech in front of over 1000 delegates who arrived in Plovdiv on Friday (15th of April) to establish the basis for the newest political party in the country political history– “Prodalzhavame promyanata”. That happened half a year after the party had taken the power in Bulgaria. Supporters and co-founders started arriving about 5 p.m. on Friday in quite a good mood. “We were just 7 in the beginning then we were about the number of passengers in a bus. Then we were 240 and now we are about 1000 here in this hall”, Vassilev proclaimed. He and the prime minister Kiril Petkov are both co-founders of the political formation. There are a couple of people among the co-founders that we have found quite interesting. One of them is Gabriella Kirova. She was a primary person next to Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev during their electioneering.
She lives in London and is among few Bulgarian women who have ever met the Pope in person. She is also very close to numerous world famous people.
Famous rally driver Dimitar Iliev was also one of the co-founders. He has been appointed Kiril Pekov’s main advisor and director of API.
The prime minister said that “”The thing that Assen and I have quickly learned is that we cannot do anything by ourselves. Sole enthusiasm is not enough. The more we work together, the more like-minded people strive for one and the same goal the more the shift of the status quo begins to happen”, Petkov stated. He is yet to enter the depths of party building alongside governing the country. Unlike previous party subjects “Prodalzhavame promyanata” will be flexible when it comes to organization hoping to attract that way as much party members as possible. “I have never thought that I would be a member of any party. Least to say I would found one. Everything began when Kiril and I had a talk about Bulgaria. We do not use our resources not because we are stupid but because of a small group of people that has taken power and use it for its own benefits. This small group has organized rules the way that you either help them steal or you leave the country – the only two choices. Because of that politics 800 000 people have left the country. This is Bulgaria’s greatest loss. And that is the politics we want to stop and change.”, vice prime minister Assen Vassilev said and reminded that “for better or worse we are the ones to start the change. The truth is that there is a lot of dirth to be cleaned. It is everywhere. People in Parliament feel it everyday. Cleaning is not a nice thing but someone has to do it. We need a lot of nerves, support and like-minded people for that task.” His speech caused a lot of emotions among the guests and delegates at the forum. However, the management of the party appealed for clear mind as they stated the key priorities of the new political formation: We, founders of the political party “Prodalzhavame promyanata”, understand the responsibility that we take and we will continue the political change in Bulgaria by:
  • Introducing full transparency  in the management of public state funds in all sectors
  • Introducing best practices for fighting corruption
  • Introducing equal fair grounds for the development of Bulgarian economy
  • Supporting research and innovation
  • Decreasing social injustice
  • Improving society life
  • Bringing back judicial independence to guarantee rule of law
That way we
  • Will restore the ideal for democracy, for rule of law and for welfare country
One of the most talented and loved MP’s Hristo Petrov known as Itso Hazarta guaranteed the integrity and good intentions of “Prodalzhavame promyanata”. “The fact that I am a part of “Prodalzhavame promyanata” is my way of showing people that everything here is fair. That these people are fair. That is why I am one of them”, the rapper said. He became a member of the National Council of “Prodalzhavame promyanata” together with health minister Assena Serbezova and culture minister Atanas Atanassov. The prime minister Petkov and the vice prime minister Vassilev will delegate a part of the party affairs to an Executive board that consists of 13 members. These members are Nikola Minchev, Andrey Gyurov, Kalina Konstantinova, Daniel Lorer, Nikolay Sabev and Nikolay Denkov. Also Lena Borislavova, Venice Netsova-Angova and her colleagues Ivaylo Shotev, Rossen Kosturkov and Kaloyan Ikonomov. Miroslav Ivanov is a head of the party control council where he will get help from Alexander Boychev. Six hours later political party “Prodalzhavame promyanata” became a fact – with its rules, founders and first meeting. The name and the party are about to be registered by Sofia City Court.


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