Is Constitutional Judge-to-be Atanaska Disheva’s Husband Having an Affair with a 15-year Younger Lawyer of Notorious Gangsters?


Perverted family works together – the husband is having an affair with a much younger woman while his wife is taking bribes and pretends she does not know he is cheating on her

The information, announced by our media, about constitutional judge-to-be who is close to media oligarch Ivo Prokopiev – Atanaska Disheva, has provoked a lot of emails and signals to our office. Despite the fact that we prefer not to trust non confirmed sources, one of the emails has arouse our interest so much that we are publishing it with no editing. The name of the main person is written with initials until judge Disheva’s husband – successful businessman and lawyer Genadiy Dishev, decides to comment the spicy news.

A reader of ours who has exclusive information says that Mr Dishev is having an axtramarital affair with a young lawyer whose initials are K. R. T. She is working as a law consult in the office of a notorious Bulgarian gangster (with no excuses). While satisfying his carnal needs he has been settling with the help of his wife, who is a personal confidant of Lozan Panov, part of the still pending lawsuits of the well-dressed businessman in question, whose name we also keep in the editorial office. In order not to keep the audience in suspense, we publish the text of the letter verbatim:

“Dear journalists,

Despite of the fact that I, as a lawyer, have always disliked the so called “media exclusive news”, the news about Atanaska Disheva that you publish, have made me write to you. I make no claim to originality, as the circumstances in question are a public secret in our guild.

But as we know lawyers and magistrates are somehow out of the limelight, hence public in general has no idea how open-minded and broad-minded our brother lawyer can be. For example, with the noblest envy I want to say that our colleague from Varna College of Lawyers Gennady Dishev, who only by coincidence is the husband of Judge Atanaska Disheva of the SJC, maintains a concubine, if I could call it so, with him and our young colleague from Sofia College. According to modest estimates, this gentle creature is more than 15 years younger than lawyer Dishev, but for her fragile age she has found an enviable job in the office of an entrepreneur with a colorful nickname, known for his forceful methods of work and involvement in groups. The same colleague of ours, whose body data no one in the guild remains indifferent to, has the official duties to represent her boss not only before the Sofia City Court, but also before the already closed SNA and ASNS, better known as “specialists”. Her employer has several tons of charges, grouped in 4 cases. To these we add at least 15 more proceedings before “ordinary” courts in the capital and the country. This is the place to point out that we lawyers make a living from it, and when we have a love affair with a colleague, we don’t have the habit of wondering who represents whom, at least until our relationship passes to a higher court, so to speak. With this I insure that I am not judging a lawyer at all. I breathed for his good taste. Concerned not only for me, however, are the comments that are increasingly on the sidelines of our system that this relationship, in addition to being carnal and romantic, is also quite Phoenician. The nice colleague often brags that after almost every rendezvous with a lawyer. According to her, Dishev, which took place in a pretty hotel at the foot of Vitosha Mountain in the direction of Simeonovo, she sent a “package” for his wife so that she would not suffer much because of the bed transfer. The package was very similar to the contents of a famous drawer, and the copies were carefully bound with red elastics. Of course, the sums were particularly large, and their source was the black box of the employer, who, if I were a journalist like you, I would call a mutterer. The reason for the mistress to send a parcel to her wife was the above-mentioned cases of her boss, which should have been dropped under the expert “consultations” of Judge Disheva with Judge Lozan Panov. And not only, and not only. On top of that, this was not an emergency, but a well-oiled law practice in this extended family. In addition to the mutter in question, the young colleague began to promote the contacts of the lawyer. Gennady Dishev and other lawyers, as well as a number of business people. Thus, the wheels of the corruption machine were spinning at full speed, and Gennady Dishev and his colleague exchanged banknotes and body fluids at least twice a week at the hotel in Simeonovo, which we also like very much. Maybe I would have restrained my gossip if my check in the office did not show that all the cases of all the people we know who went through the charming lawyer, and she redirected them to the matrimonial bedroom of Judge Atanaska Disheva, have not been resolved in favor of the payers. And I wonder how much better the world would be if every lawyer was lovingly assigned one wife or the husband of a senior judge or prosecutor. Then such a life will come that I just shout “Let’s Hope”, as the great Bogdana sings. Please forgive my lyrical deviations and direct the audience’s attention to the topic of morality. “Personal and professional, and rhetorically ask how adequate Judge Disheva is for the post of constitutional judge,” wrote our informant, who predictably signed himself as “lawyer Razpatev”, ironizing the perverse receptions in the family of Gennady and Atanaska Dishevi.

Realizing that these news has reached us anonymously, we have tried to check it through several sources. One is an employee of the hotel in question, who confirmed that the recordings from the cameras show a vehicle whose registration number corresponds to the family car indicated in the judge’s declaration. The recordings also caught a female visibly aged 30+ entering the hotel at about the same time as the family car stopped in the car park. Another of our sources confirmed that a lady with the above initials is part of the legal team of a businessman matching the description. He does have many cases, some of which are criminal. As the subject of the material concerns a senior magistrate and a publicly known lawyer who is a member of the party “Yes Bulgaria” protected by Ivo Prokopiev, we will announce the real names of the characters at the moment when we complete the whole photo and documentary material. And this will happen very soon, we can assure you.

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