How the former communist services (State Security) in Bulgaria recruited Stefan Naydenov – “Tsekata“, and how he became from a petty „crap shooter“ the owner of the registered in Malta mark Efbet


The owner of Efbet Stefan Naydenov – “Tsekata” was an agent of the 06th Administration of the State Security, several various media in Bulgaria announced a few days ago.  

It remains curious for us, however, to find out exactly how Stefan Naydenov was recruited and how this fact helps him today aimed at “Tsekata” and his sons Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenovs presenting themselves as cultural patrons and boasting in the media of their contribution to the development of the Bulgarian sports. 

One by itself fully comical assertion, in particular seen within the context of the statement of Tsvetomir Naydenov is that as early as in 1990 he in person participated in the founding of Eurofootball. It is of interest to find out how this 17-year-old at that time “late pioneer” had the knowledge to develop a similar type of activity. Most probably he attended an out-of-school optional elective subject of studies. 

Another topic is that the most ordinary verification in the register indicates that Eurofootball was registered in 1993 and there is no Tsvetomir or Boyan amongst its owners. Well, it happens, people make up biographies. 

Another joke, which “Little Tseka“ likes  to tell before the media is his assertion that he had released his first edition on 6 October 1990 (his interview before site BETinBULGARIA.COM), and frequently, however, this date varies as, for instance, yesterday in his interview before online media Tsvetomir declared the same, the only difference being that this time the date was 10 October 1990. 

An insignificant detail, someone will say, as little as the question, how, on earth, pioneer Tsvetomir, being only 17 years old, managed to lay the foundations of the sports bets in our country, if you get the joke, of course.  

Naturally, Tsvetomir is an ambitious child of an ambitious parent. This is why, namely, the official of the 6th Administration Stefan Naydenov is the more curious person in case we want to find out how the communist services helped a small “crap shooter“ to become the owner of one of the biggest gambling companies in our country – Efbet.

The documents in the Commission for records of the former State Security as well as witnesses alive tell that Naydenov gladly accepted the possibility to become an informer of the political police in Zhivkov’s time, mainly because he relied on its future protection whilst he calmly turns his games around with non-balanced dice playing shoot craps and poker with marked up cards.  

Stefan Naydenov – Tsekata was born in the village of Katunets, district of Lovech and he is only with secondary education up to date. For the first time he entered within the range of vision of the Ministry of Interior as a person who does not have a permanent job and was intersected to deal with currency offences and illegal trade.  

At that time the Ministry of Interior also found out about another passion of Tsekata and it is to rob foreigners and Bulgarians with non-balanced dice for shoot craps and with marked up poker cards.  

Thus, the time was reached when the operational official Kr. Krastev offered a recruitment conversation on the grounds of dependence as the data already in possession of the Ministry of Interior about Tsekata were sufficient to organize a criminal case. 

It is curious that in his proposal for recruitment Krastev described Stefan Naydenov as greedy, with good memory, able to carry on provocative conversation and being surrounded by persons of operational interest for the State Security. Krastev adds that Naydenov is unscrupulous, revengeful and exceptionally mistrustful.  

The recruitment conversation was carried on successfully on 23.08.1980 and the agent was given the pseudonym “Nikolov“. The manners for connection and the places for secret meetings, which they should be held in, were specified. Tsekata was assigned tasks by an operational official to inform about persons from his surroundings in conformity with a list developed by the applicant – agent and the main issue was whether the “friends” of Tsekata were loyal to the measures of the people’s power and what their attitude to the Bulgarian Communist Party and the first Bulgarian Ruler is.  

In the next few years agent “Nikolov” manifested special diligence for the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him and provided information on the line requested even about his family members and close friends. Stefan Naydenov was repeatedly awarded prizes with pecuniary means for his active agency activities.  

EXPECT CONTINUATION TOMORROW – How Stefan Naydenov and his sons Boya and Tsvetomir “created” the sports bets and Efbet and whether they have anything to do with criminal activity of the gravest type in the last 15 years?

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