Has Judge Atanaska Disheva lobbied for her Son to Be Appointed to a Five-figure salary Job in a German Holding Company?


Dishevi family heir – Momchil has been appointed to the legal team of Palfinger – Bulgaria because of his mother’s position in the Judiciary. A couple of prominent people already left the company because they refused to work with the smug little punk. Colleagues of him have contacted our media to express their resentment at the way Varna guy Momchil Dishev has been appointed to the respectful German company because of his father’s relations to people from important German foundations who pour millions of euros every year in the project “Democratic Bulgaria” where Momchil’s dad – lawyer Genadiy Dishev is e key figure.

The fact that his mother Atanaska is sitting right next to Lozan Panov in SJC and is capable to solve in no time even the most complicated legal case has also helped Momchil get himself a shiny office in the company’s office in Sofia. This thing is not so much to blame as we consider the fact that every company has the right to choose its team by itself.

Problems began when the young man started to act as a political commissar and started an everyday party propaganda in favor of DB among the employees. The remark that such kind of demonstrations is a manifestation of a low service culture remained unresponsive, and the bosses did not dare to say whose son Dishev was. His high position in the hierarchy allowed him access to the list of more than 1,500 employees and information about their families.

If we are to trust our sources the junior lawyer has quickly made an Excel document with pre-election lists and deftly set out on agitation among production complexes in the country. He gathered employees in halls and workshops where he gave fiery speeches in support of presidential candidate Lozan Panov, and finally went among the hard-working people with a tablet in his hand to teach them how to vote for Democratic Bulgaria.

As we are giving the right of reply to the parties concerned, we want to ask whether it is true that lawyer Momchil Dishev promised his colleagues extraordinary bonuses if they released the ballot for Hristo Ivanov and Lozan Panov in the double parliamentary-presidential elections in November 2021? Because if it turns out that there is even a slight truth in our information, he, as a lawyer, should be aware of the fact that the act qualifies as vote buying, for which there are serious penalties by law.

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