GREEK MEDIA: The Bulgarian owners of the registered in Malta gambling company Efbet, who are the target of investigation in Greece turned out to be related to the communist services of Bulgaria and are mixed up in money laundering, the media in our northern neighboring country write


Stefan Naydenov, Boyan Naydenov and Tsvetomir Naydenov who are the target of investigation by the services in Malta, Italy and Bulgaria and in connection with money laundering and tax evasion in particularly large amounts are the target of verification also in Greece, the Greek online media announced a few weeks ago.

According to data of the edition the three Bulgarians who operate with the trademark Efbet, which is ownership of Company Brobet LTD and is registered in Malta (Brobet Limited Reg.No: C 40842, Villa Ichang, No.16, TriqMons.Alfredo Mifsud, Ta’Xbiex XBX1063, Malta) are verified for possible  participation in unregulated gambling activity on the territory of Greece as well as for importing a large amount of cash in the country and irrespective of the fact that they are being investigated for money laundering in three other European states. 

A publication was also quoted in the material of in the English site, according to which Stefan Naydenov is a person who was affiliated with the former communist services in Bulgaria and together with his two sons, Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenov are suspected for connections with representatives of the Italian Mafia. 

At the same time over 20 online and printed media in Bulgaria in the last few days media announced the information that the owners of Efbet are the target of a large-scale investigation by a number of Bulgarian services and specifically the Naydenovs are being verified for money laundering and tax evasion in exceptionally large amounts.  

Some Bulgarian journalists even suppose that the three of them invested a significant part of their hidden profits in immovable property, to wit in Greece, writes. 

Stefan, Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenovs are shareholders in dozens of companies which hold a license for implementation of gambling activity. They are partners in the company Brobet, Malta which holds a license for organization of online bets in Bulgaria and in Malta. Their game rooms, the casinos and the online bets operate commonly under the trademark Efbet.

Here a long list of the violations starts which may be described for years on end but we shall limit ourselves only to several glaring examples for the time being.

Bets in cash are accepted and paid in the game rooms and the casinos of Efbet in full violation of the Gambling Act and the Limitation of Cash Payments Act. In general, this happens in the following manner:

The bets which are accepted in cash are not reflected in the daily and monthly reports and are not submitted to the Gambling Commission and the National Revenue Agency. At the end of each month the real reports are remade and the amounts in them are intensely reduced, they are erased from all the computers and the real information in hard copy is destroyed. The remade (unreal) reports are submitted to the Gambling Commission.  

There is an assembled counter on each machine in the game rooms as it is in conformity with the law. These counters are regularly manipulated under the order of the owners aimed at their correspondence with the remade unreal current report which is submitted to the Gambling Commission. 

The payment of profits, irrespective of their amount, is also made in cash and not as it is in conformity with the Gambling Act, that all the amounts of over 5000 BGN should be paid through a bank transfer. The latter may be confirmed by hundreds of witnesses who played in the game rooms of Efbet all over the country. The players photographed on the site of Efbet and in the Facebook pages of the game rooms with profits of far over 5000 BGN are frequently not reflected in the reports as they receive a bigger part or the entire amount in cash again. The matter is monthly about several million of Bulgarian leva!

In this manner the persons Stefan, Boyan and Tsvetomir Naydenovs accumulate enormous amounts in cash which are not officially reflected anywhere at all and are not levied by absolutely and taxes whatsoever! The thus received enormous amounts in cash are used for purchase and construction of real estate properties all over the country which on its part is a textbook example of money laundering.  

A part of these enormous funds is also exported in cash abroad where properties are also bought through dummies and most diversified well concealed investments are made. There is a similar example with one of the latest lovers Tsvetomir Naydenov, whom he gave in cash nearly one million Euro whilst she officially seemed to develop allegedly a kind of her own business in Milan, Italy.  

Naturally the two brothers realize all these criminal; schemes in full confidentiality and in a strictly centralized manner, and solely an exactly fixed number of trusted people receive orders personally from them what to do and how to report the concealed and laundered money.  


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