‘Cybercrime’ Department of GDCOC Is the Winner of the Audiovisual Piracy Alliance (AAPA) Award


This year AAPA awards have been presented today as a part of the annual Europol conference on crimes against intellectual property that happened in Rome

The award of the Cybercrime-GDCOC department is for their leading role in the implementation of the European EMPACT priority “Crimes against intellectual property, counterfeit goods and currency”. The award was presented to inspector Aleksander Velev for his work in coordinating and leading the operational work against illegal IPTV and illegal streaming within EMPACT priorities.

Sheela Kasels – executive vice-president of AAPA – has stated the importance and effectiveness of a partnership between the private sector and law enforcement agencies. As an example of this partnership she has stated the collaboration with ‘Cybercrimes’ department in executing lots of operational works throughout the years as well as the training that took part in Sofia in which representatives of 17 European countries, Europol and Interpol participated.

Tackling crimes against intellectual property, counterfeit goods and money is an EU law enforcement and internal security priority. In this regard, an action plan against this type of criminal encroachment has been developed at the European level, which is carried out within the framework of the European Multidisciplinary Platform for Combating Criminal Threats (EMPACT). In the platform, twenty-four EU member states and European agencies (among them Europol, Frontex, Eurojust, OLAF, etc.) work together at the international level to neutralize the mentioned criminal threats.

GDCOC is a head of the European group that works on countering crimes against intellectual property, counterfeit goods and money.

Source: Ministry of Interior presscenter

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